Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pulk -- winter gear sled

Here's some pictures of a winter gear sled I made several years ago. When snowshoeing into a cabin or winter camping we put the gear on the sled and pull it.

Here it is all loaded up, ready to go.

On the trail.

Here are some close up pictures, for those interested in making a similar sled. This isn't the only way to go and if you search the internet you'll find all kinds of variations.

The arms fold back onto the sled for storage.

Arms extended. The arms and side rails are SCH 40 3/4" PVC.

I use these clips to connect the arm ends to a pack belt.

The rope extends from the arm ends down into the side rail...
...and then around the back and back up the side rail to the other arm. Using a single piece of rope distributes the pressure. The striped rope provides attachment points and the extra can be used as handles be the person behind to pull the sled back onto the track if needed.

The red arrows point to holes drilled in the sled edge and then I used plastic zip ties to connect the PVC for the side rail. Don't skimp on the zip ties -- get the heavy duty ones. And, take some extras for in the field repairs.

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